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Metron Inc (AKA:Metron Incorporated~Lifeweaver Technologies Inc~Metron Scientific Solutions)
Profile last edited on: 12/21/2021

Scientific solution company: advanced math based software solutions
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Location Information

1818 Library Street Suite 600
Reston, VA 20190
   (703) 787-8700
Multiple Locations:   
Congressional District:   11
County:   Fairfax

Public Profile

Metron is a scientific consulting company dedicated to solving problems in national defense through the development and application of advanced mathematical methods. With locations in Virginia and California, the firm is organized into 5 divisions: Advanced Data Analytics, Advanced Mathematics Applications, Computing and Engineering Technologies for Unmanned Systems, Operations Analysis and Simulation Sciences, and Operations Research and Cyber Analysis. The firm's goal is to realize problem solutions in computer software with graphical interfaces that allow a user to understand and act on the results without having to comprehend the intricacies of the models themselves. Metron's operations include non-linear data fusion, threat detection for counter-terrorism, defense of ships and facilities from terrorist threats, and Littoral Warfare analysis.

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Key People / Management

  Thomas L Corwin -- President and COO

  Mark Klopfenstein -- President

  Thomas L Miffin -- CEO

  Kevin A'Hearn --

  Stephen A'Hearn --

  Mark Anderson --

  Stephen L Anderson --

  Michael Atamian --

  Terence Bazow -- Senior Manager

  Kristine L Bell --

  Gary Blank --

  Christopher Boner --

  Jim Brutocao --

  Aaron Clark --

  Gordon Clark --

  Jesse Clayton --

  Sean Daugherty -- Senior Analyst

  James P Ferry --

  Thomas Furlong --

  John Gebbie --

  Jon George --

  Thomas Giddings --

  Gregory Godfrey --

  William Grenard --

  J Van Gurley -- COO

  John Gurley --

  Robert Hoffman --

  Darin Humiston --

  Chris Husband --

  Jeff Jones --

  Colleen M Keller --

  Lauren Klak --

  Stanley D Kuo --

  Ernie Macnamara --

  Douglas Marble -- Senior Director

  Joseph P McDermott -- Administration

  Thomas Mcmenamin -- Senior Engineer

  Jeff Monroe --

  Samuel T Osofsky -- Senior Analyst

  Marconi B Ratonel --

  Benjamin Shapo -- Sr Engineer II

  Jeffrey Silver --

  Elizabeth Slingerland --

  Jonah Sonnenshein --

  Gavin Spadin --

  William K Stevens --

  Lawrence D Stone -- Chief Scientist

  Roy Streit --

  Terry Thompson --

  Vinh-Thy Tran --

  David Whittaker --

  Mark Williams --

  Ralph Wojtowicz --

  Lydia Wong --

  Robert E Zarnich --

  Richard Zuelsdorf --