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Lynntech Inc
Profile last edited on: 4/5/2023      CAGE: 0LHF9      UEI: PMVAL8J63516

Business Identifier: R & D for life sciences, energy and power, cyber-physical systems, materials science, and industrial science areas
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Location Information

2501 Earl Rudder Freeway South
College Station, TX 77845
   (979) 764-2200
Location: Multiple
Congr. District: 10
County: Brazos

Public Profile

SBIR involved more or less coincident with the funding of the firm in 1987 and still very active in this arena, Lynntech Inc - acquired in 2007 by Astin Partners but still SBIR eligible - provides scientific research and technology development services for aerospace, defense, and human health sectors. The company works in a range of arenas from life sciences, energy and power, cyber-physical systems, materials science to industrial science. It offers life sciences research in focus technologies, including biothreat detection, micro-fluidic systems, protein discovery, nano-brushes, biofilm attenuation, and genome sequencing. The company develops and manufactures energy and power components and fuel cell systems for applications in aerial, undersea, and land vehicles, as well as stationary and portable power systems. It also provides high-speed film defect detection, real-time aerostat structural integrity monitoring, perimeter threat detection, and maritime search and rescue solutions; materials science research that focuses on extended life conversion coatings, biocompatible structures, functionalized substrates, biochemical sensing, and colorimetric fabrics for chemical detection, and the development of dielectric nanomaterials for capacitors. In addition, the company develops and engineers technologies and solutions for improving industrial processes in commercial and defense platforms; and specializes in nanomaterials synthesis, including polymer nano-composites, infrared transparent materials, and ion exchance materials, as well as advanced materials and technologies for flow separation control in aerodynamic platforms.

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Awards Distribution by Agency

Most Recent SBIR Projects

Year Phase Agency Total Amount
2023 2 DHS $1,149,998
Project Title: A Point-of-Need Test for Transboundary Diseases of Pigs
2023 1 Navy $139,956
Project Title: Improved and Efficient Preparation of Calcium Lanthanum Sulfide Powders
2023 1 Navy $139,998
Project Title: Hyperextending Insertion System with Sensing (HISS)
2023 2 NIH $1,793,833
Project Title: iCAP an Innovative Device to Rapidly Resolve Microbial Keratitis
2023 1 Navy $239,781
Project Title: Conductive Anti-Stiction SAMs (CAS-SAMs) for MEMS Devices

Key People / Management

  John A Appleby

  Ashwin Balasubramanian -- Chief Technology Officer

  Milan Bartos

  David Mark Battaglia

  Rebecca Berger

  Naima Bestaoui-Spurr

  Ian J Brown

  Christian Bruccoleri

  Alan J Cisar

  Eric Clarke

  Adrian J Denvir

  Ulf Drechsler

  Hardin Russell Dunham -- Scientist II

  Don B Elrod

  Cahit Eylem

  Brad Fiebig

  Krzysztof Franaszczuk

  Yongzhu Fu

  Hariprasad Gali

  Gavin Garvey

  Ritwik Ghosh -- Chief Technologist

  Anthony Giletto

  Anuncia Gonzalez-Martin -- Senior Scientist

  JoAnne Goodnight -- VP, Life Sciences R&D

  Karl Gorzelnik -- Scientist

  Mark Harlow

  Nathaniel Hawthorne

  Ryan T Hayes

  Shannon Hazel

  Brian Hennings

  Jason Hill

  Darla Hisaw

  Geoffrey Duncan Hitchens -- Vice President and Founder

  Gareth Hughes -- Sr. Research Scientist

  Judith A Jeevarajan

  King Tsai Jeng

  Liwen Ji

  Sanil John

  Rachel Jordan

  Ramesh C Kainthia

  Kevin Lance Kelly -- Chief Scientist

  Heek-Yung Kim

  Jinseong Kim

  Wendy E Krause

  Rajesh Kukreja

  Krzysztof Kwiatkowski

  Sanjiv Lalwani

  Xuguang Li -- Senior Scientist

  John Lorentz

  Dwayne Macik

  Michael Martin -- Scientist II

  Matthew Martinez

  Richard A Mcaloney

  Billy Mcculloch

  K Scott McKenzie -- Technology Development

  Jared F Mike -- Senior Scientist

  David L Miller

  Douglas R Miller

  Joseph Miller

  Justin Miller

  Zoran S Minevski

  Homayoun Moaddel

  Teresia Moller

  John E Mueller

  Oliver J Murphy -- Chief Technology Officer, Former President and Founder

  Mihaly Novak

  Chris O'brien

  Ruya Ozer

  Victor J Palmer -- Scientist II

  Jeff Parkey -- Senior Scientist

  Tony J Ragucci

  Duraiswarmy Ravichandram

  Kelley Reaves

  Albert Redo-Sanchez

  Jonathan Reeh

  Christopher P Rhodes

  Thomas D Rogers

  John Sanil

  Lalwani Sanjiv

  Sriram Shankar

  Anjal C Sharma

  Cynthia L Sheffield

  Morgan Shim

  Waheguru P Singh

  Jeremy Stenishnider

  Jady Stevens

  John J Stocker -- Senior Vice-President

  Craig Swartz

  Paul Sylvester

  Brody Teare

  Charles L Tennakoon

  Sorin G Teodorescu

  Kyle B Uselton

  Bikas Vaidya

  Roger Van Boeyen

  Joseph M Voss -- Director Commercialization

  Mahesh Waje -- Chief Technologist

  Brian Watkins

  Dacong Weng

  John T Wharton

  Hua Wise

  Sandra Withers-Kirby

  Sze-Shun S Wong -- Research Scientist

  Rattaya C Yalamanchili

  John Zbranek