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Karagozian & Case (AKA: K&C~Karagozian and Case Inc~John Case and Associates)
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Business Identifier: Explosive effects on structures
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Location Information

700 North Brand Boulevard Suite 700
Glendale, CA 91203
   (818) 240-1919
Location: Multiple
Congr. District: 28
County: Los Angeles

Public Profile

Karagozian & Case (K&C) provides design engineering services to protect buildings and other facilities, and their occupants and functionality. Long-time established (1945) and having facilities outside the US - Canada and Australia - the firm is focused primarily on developing protective designs and devices for extreme load environments such as those associated with blast, shock, and high-velocity impacts, K&C personnel also provide risk assessments and R&D related to blast effects and high-energy impacts. Objective: to ensure client security from risks associated with extreme events, especially malevolent threats such as those related to terrorist attacks that could involve blasts, high-velocity fragments and projectiles, and impacts from vehicles, ships, and airplanes. The firm provides the complete package of engineering design services, construction drawings and supervision, testing to demonstrate the validity of designs, and educational seminars to explain the technology behind the work. Provided protective designs fornew and existing buildings and of other types of facilities (e.g., sports arenas), bridges and other components of the infrastructure (e.g., dams, locks), and processing and manufacturing facilities (e.g., petrochemical plants). This encompasses protection for structural, mechanical, and electrical systems, including structural components such as steel and reinforced concrete columns and girders; piping and processing equipment; electrical devices; and walls and glazing facades. A number of unique and novel protective devices and design strategies have been invented, and have been instrumental in developing design tools and guides, and in advancing the state-of-the-art through our research and development activities and blast and impacts testing.

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Most Recent SBIR Projects

Year Phase Agency Total Amount
2022 2 DHA $1,349,824
Project Title: Prevention Device Suitable for Exposure to Blast or Concussive Forces
2022 1 Army $172,980
Project Title: Modeling and Design Tool for Bio-Based Construction Products
2022 2 Navy $1,139,876
Project Title: High Performance Natural Composite
2022 2 DHA $1,349,949
Project Title: Undex Lung Computational Model
2022 2 Navy $839,877
Project Title: Development of New Generation Earth Covered Magazine (ECM) Structure Design using Composite Materials

Key People / Management

  Joseph Magallanes -- Principle, President and CEO

  Joseph Abraham -- Principal

  Hyung-Jin Choi

  John E Crawford -- Senior Principle, Chairman

  Brian Dunn -- Principle, Vice President

  Joseph Hamilton

  Shengrui Lan -- Principle, Vice President

  Casey Meakin

  Kenneth B Morrill -- Principle, Vice Chairman

  Mark Weaver