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Jade Therapeutics
Profile last edited on: 6/15/2021

Locally administered, polymer-based products treating poorly-served ophthalmic indication
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Location Information

675 Arapeen Drive Suite 302
Sal Lake City, UT 84108
   (646) 918-7479
Multiple Locations:   
Congressional District:   02
County:   Salt Lake

Public Profile

In March 2016, Jade Therapeutics was purchased by Eyegate Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:EYEG) with Jade now a subsiduary. Jade develops proprietary, de-risked, locally delivered, sustained-release formulations of already-approved drugs for use in poorly served ophthalmic indications. The initial focus is on an approved biologic (recombinant human growth hormone) captured within a bioresorbable polymer to help address serious, persistent ocular surface defects. This underserved medical condition leads to vision loss with no approved pharmacotherapeutic treatment. Jade Therapeutics, a privately-held company focuses on the development of locally administered, sustained-release therapeutics that improve corneal healing following damage from disease or injury, thus improving visual function and quality of life. The Company’s initial product is designed to deliver recombinant human growth hormone (rHGH), a well characterized biologic that has already been demonstrated in wide variety of systems to have significant healing properties via the activation and recruitment of key cells involved in the tissue-building process. Jade recently secured two prestigious Utah Science Technology and Research (USTAR) grants to continue to conduct preclinical and market research and is in discussion with several prominent academic and military affiliates to further advance product development. Examples of ocular disorders addressed by the Company’s technology include persistent corneal epithelial defects (PCED) and various other types of corneal damage. Preliminary data indicate that Jade's solutions can produce corneal epithelial surface repair for previously non-healing defects and could allow increased patient compliance to therapy, reduced burden of illness, and decreased frequency of administration and office visits.

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Most Recent SBIR Projects

Year Phase Agency Total Amount Project Title
2015 2 DHA $1,095,807
Novel Hyaluronic Acid Delivery Polymer for Repair of Ocular Injuries
2014 2 NSF $912,501
Hyaluronan-Based Ocular Delivery of Antibiotics

Key People / Management

  Stephen From -- President & CEO

  Lisa Brandano -- Director of Clinical Operations

  Arthur Klausner -- Chief Executive Officer

  Michael Manzo -- Vice President

  Michael A Patane -- CSO

  MaryJane Rafii -- Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

  Barbara Wirostko -- Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder