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Grove Instruments Inc (AKA: Vivascan Corporation~Grove Instruments LLC)
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Business Identifier: Personal non-invasive glucose monitor
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Location Information

100 Grove Street Suite 315
Worcester, MA 01605
   (866) 645-9846
Location: Single
Congr. District: 02
County: Worcester

Public Profile

Formerly known as VivaScan, Grove Instruments closed its doors in July 2015. The firm had been is a medical device company developing a noninvasive - needle free - glucose measuring device. Grove’s patented technology is based on the seminal concept of the Optical Bridge and is unique among all NIR spectroscopic approaches to noninvasive blood glucose determination. Grove has developed a painless, bloodless, handheld, and easy to use non-invasive blood sugar monitor for use by diabetic individuals. Currently, diabetic individuals must stab themselves up to ten times per day to determine their blood glucose. Grove Instruments’ monitor, designed by a team of technical and clinical experts, responds to the noninvasive test needs of diabetic persons. A proprietary platform technology has evolved th eenable a personal hand held monitor. requiring only a simple, gentle squeeze of the ear or finger. The Grove Instruments competitive advantage is to have developed a cost effective, painless, handheld noninvasive monitor that provides results that are nearing clinical accuracy. The patented-protected platform method extracts sugar levels from differential measurements of IR light transmitted through the ear or reflected by the finger offering in prototype size, accuracy of results, manufacturing costs, and patent protection that is believed to provide important ompetitive advantag

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Most Recent SBIR Projects

Year Phase Agency Total Amount
2012 2 NIH $1,156,552
Project Title: Development of an Advanced Handheld Noninvasive Glucometer
2011 2 NIH $4,108,804
Project Title: Advanced Photometric Noninvasive Measurement of Glucose
2009 1 NIH $182,487
Project Title: Development of a Universal Calibration Method for a Noninvasive Glucometer
2007 1 NIH $100,000
Project Title: Stimulator to Quantify Cutaneous Sensation
2007 2 NIH $1,081,336
Project Title: Development of a Noninvasive Glucose Monitor

Key People / Management

  Arthur H Combs -- Chief Executive Officer

  Rebecca Burrell -- Research Scientist

  Hannu Harjunmaa -- Vice President, Chief Scientist

  Stevan Kun

  J Paul Lock -- Director

  Craig C Mello -- Scientific Advisor; 2006 Nobel Prize Winner

  Robert A Peura -- Founder and Director

  Daniel Reynold Robichaud