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Down to Earth Energy LLC (AKA: Mountain Creek Enterprises)
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Business Identifier: Biofuel productions
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41 Monroe Jersey Road
Monroe, GA 30655
   (770) 267-7891
Location: Single
Congr. District: 10
County: Walton

Public Profile

Down to Earth Energy LLC was formerly known as Mountain Creek Enterprises, and was located in NC. Down to Earth Energy, LLC is a Georgia-based biodiesel research and batch continuous production facility serving the southeast region of the United States with clean, safe and cost-effective fuel for commercial fleets and the agriculture industry. Every drop of B5, B20 and B100 biodiesel fuel produced by Down to Earth Energy is fully-warranted and EPA-registered biodiesel – meeting national ASTM quality specification D-6751. Down to Earth Energy continues to grow and push for the evolution of a cleaner and less hazardous biodiesel refining process and was contracted by the federal Environmental Protection Agency in 2009 to lead research focused on defining: a method of generating smaller amounts of waste during the production of biodiesel. While biodiesel production generates less waste than the traditional petroleum refinement process, Down to Earth Energy seeks to gain further efficiencies. a method of using “low grade” feed stock to produce biodiesel. Inexpensive low grade fats (such as those recycled from restaurants and food processors) contain high levels of free fatty acids and these must first be converted to their methyl esters before being used to make biodiesel. High grade oils from plants such as soybean, canola, etc. can be used but these plants are also food sources and their oils are more expensive than low grade fats. Anticipated environmental benefits from the results of this research initiative include: Fewer chemicals will be used and less chemical waste will be produced during the manufacture of biodiesel. Production of biodiesel will be more energy efficient and use less fuel in its manufacture. Waste streams with high free fatty acid material will be redirected to the production of biodiesel. Agricultural waste will be harnessed for the production of energy and contribute to “carbon footprint” reduction. Fewer hazardous chemicals will be used thus making the manufacture of biodiesel safer. Extending Research in Partnership with Leading Educational Institutions Down to Earth Energy is currently conducting a research initiative in partnership with the University of Georgia to begin development of biomass-based reusable and recoverable solid, porous acid, and base catalysts using activated carbon derived from agricultural and forestry residues. The company continues to seek and establish collaborative partnerships with leading educational institutions to share research findings and opportunities that enhance and streamline the biodiesel production process. Biodiesel Production Producing Quality Biodiesel for Fleets and Consumer Vehicles Down to Earth Energy’s batch-continuous biodiesel production facility is located on 7.5 acres of land in Monroe, Georgia and conveniently situated between Atlanta and Athens, Georgia. The facility produces multi-feedstock biodiesel utilizing both animal fats and vegetable oil, and utilizes renewable solar energy to process locally acquired feedstocks into biodiesel. Every drop of biodiesel sold to our commercial and retail customers is fully warranted, EPA-registered biodiesel that meets the national ASTM quality specification D-6751. Learn about the benefits of biodiesel. Focusing on Quality Control Down to Earth Energy takes pride in its in-house quality control program. The on-site lab uses ASTM methods on industry standard equipment, lead by in-house chemist, Larry Keith. Larry Keith has more than two decades of experience in designing quality assurance and quality control programs. Down to Earth Energy tests the quality of every 800-gallon batch of biodiesel we produce. After the individual batch passes the ASTM tests, it is sent to storage where it collects in 8,000-gallon tanks. Before the biodiesel is sold, the fuel is tested again to verify and document that it has met rigorous ASTM requirements. Every drop of fuel produced by Down to Earth Energy is fully-warranted, EPA-registered biodiesel, meeting the national ASTM quality specification D-6751. Down to Earth Energy periodically conducts third party ASTM testing and we encourage our customers to review our most recent third party test results.

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  Fredrick W Huszagh II -- CEO and Co-founder

  Mckay Johnson -- President and Co-founder

  Tyron Johnson -- CFO and Co-founder

  Lawrence H Keith -- Former President