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ClearMotion Inc (AKA:Levant Power Corporation)
Profile last edited on: 2/18/2022            CAGE: 5P2S2

Proactive suspension and seating systems combine software and hardware to mitigate vehicle movement across uneven road surfaces recovery technology
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Location Information

805 Middlesex Turnpike
Billerica, MA 01821
   (617) 313-0822
Multiple Locations:   
Congressional District:   05
County:   Middlesex

Public Profile

ClearMotion Inc, originally Levant Power Corp, was spun out of MIT in 2012 with an original focus of developing technology that would harness energy from vehicles' suspension system and utilize that energy to provide onboard electricity to the vehicle. In addition to creating energy out of a vehicle's suspension system, the company's original product aimed to improve ride quality using adaptable, variable-dampening suspension that would be installed in vehicles. In 2017, the company changed its name to ClearMotion and pivoted to be solely focused on developing proactive suspension and seating systems that give vehicles a smooth ride, negating bumps in the road. The technology is a "digital chassis" that uses HD maps, algorithms, and banks of big data, to continuously learn and adapt to a road’s profile, giving riders a comfortable and smooth ride regardless of a road's condition. The technology also has significant applications for self driving cars, where users may experience abnormally rough rides due to the car's inability to avoid a road's pot holes or bumps. With signficant venture backing and IP, the company expects to have its technology in all cars in the near future.

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Most Recent SBIR Projects

Year Phase Agency Total Amount Project Title
2016 1 NSF $149,804
Feed Forward Hydraulic Ripple Cancellation
2013 2 NSF $1,280,000
Integrated Hydraulic Suspension Energy Recovery System for Hybrid Trucks
2012 2 Army $625,451
Power regenerative suspension systems

Key People / Management

  Shakeel Avadhany -- CBO and Co-Founder

  Christian Steinmann -- President

  Zackary M Anderson -- CTO

  Jason Briggs -- Vice President Of Product Development

  Angela T Cheng-Cimini -- VP, HR & People Operations

  Aditya Chetty -- Controls Engineer

  David Diamond

  James Ducker -- Senior IT Engineer

  Jack Ekchian -- Director of IP & Research

  Michael Genyuk -- Network Engineer

  Michael Hogg -- Principal Mechanical Design Engineer

  Brenden Keyes -- Head of Information Technology

  Aditya Kodkany -- Software Engineer

  Jonathan R Leehey -- Director of Product Development

  Kerry Pilcher -- Controller

  Tyson D Sawyer -- Chief Software Engineer

  Adam Shayevitz -- VP Sourcing Strategy

  Scott Sober

  Clive Tucker -- Chief Design Engineer