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Advanced Targeting Systems Inc (AKA: ATS)
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Business Identifier: Toxin conjugates, antibodies, and reagents for CNS research
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10451 Roselle Street Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92121
   (858) 642-1988
Location: Single
Congr. District: 52
County: San Diego

Public Profile

Advanced Targeting Systems (ATS) is organized around providing quality targeting reagents for scientific research and pharmaceutical development. Initially focused on providing research tools for the Neuroscience research community, the firm's current product line includes targeted toxins, antibodies and custom services designed to assist scientists in the study of system functions, cell functionality, diseases and disorders. Advanced Targeting Systems pioneered the use of targeted conjugates for use in a technique called "Molecular Surgery." These products include specific lesioning agents for cholinergic basal forebrain neurons, noradrenergic and adrenergic neurons, macrophages and microglia and a pan-neuronal agent that strikes an epitope expressed on all neurons. In addition, ATS sells "secondary conjugates" which allow users to convert their own targeting agents into specific cytotoxic tools and to screen antibodies for internalization. The firm had been originally founded to commercialize and provide access to the Saporin technology platform and to validate the use of the premier saporin conjugate,192-IgG-SAP to establish a model of Alzheimer’s Disease. Saporin had been developed and refined by three of the firm's Founders in their academic laboratories

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Most Recent SBIR Projects

Year Phase Agency Total Amount
2017 1 NIH $150,000
Project Title: Enhancing Crispr-Based Therapeutic Interventions Via a Targeted Platform Tool
2010 1 NIH $150,480
Project Title: Targeting A Poor Prognosis Marker For Tumor Therapy
2010 1 NIH $3,000,000
Project Title: Development of a Novel Cancer Pain Therapeutic
2009 1 NIH $99,175
Project Title: Selective Activation In Specific Neuronal Populations
2008 1 NIH $114,336
Project Title: Inhibition Of Neurotransmission In Specific Neuronal Populations

Key People / Management

  Douglas Lappi -- President

  Denise Higgins -- President

  Brian J Russell

  Ronald Wiley -- Scientific Advisor