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Actiox LLC
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Business Identifier: Multi-tasking wearable designed continuously to monitor glucose, alcohol, and lactate
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2872 Coneflower Street
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
   (818) 671-9768
Location: Single
Congr. District: 26
County: Ventura

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Adapted from NIH Phase I decsription: "Designed for use in various settings, Actiox LLC is indicated as structured around development of a wearable integrated device capable of continuously measuring, recording, and storing ISF alcohol levels in real-time without need for external calibrations. In addition to be cumbersome, currently available transdermal alcohol monitoring devices rely on alcohol detection in sweat or sweat vapor, face significant problems such as long lag times. Addressing these inadequacies, the ActioX, LLC device is described as a non-obtrusive wearable sensor platform to enable pain-free analysis few hundred microns under the skin, directly in the ISF. The novel sensing technology developed by Actiox relies on a biocompatible array of microneedles, optimized for painless skin penetration -- providing continuous access to constantly revitalizing ISF. This fully integrated wirelessly operated device is composed of two components of a reusable electronics and a disposable microneedle array, along with a successful demonstration of a custom- designed app for data capture and visualization. Preliminary data (using the prototype device) showed successful real-time tracking of ISF alcohol in response to alcohol drinking episodes in multiple human subjects, with the results well correlated to those from a breathalyzer. The firm's SBIR Fast-Track project everages this innovative technology to develop a discreet, real-time, continuous, and calibration-free continuous alcohol monitoring device toward prolonged on-body operations to enable more comprehensive and accurate clinical studies and allow efficient control and management of alcohol-related problems, including alcohol use disorder.

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  Farshad Tehrani -- CEO and Co-Founder

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