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Abcombi Biosciences Inc
Profile last edited on: 6/12/2017

   Rethinking current vaccine paradigms to deliver “smarter” vaccine solutions
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303 Furnas Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260
  (919) 619-6772

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Abcombi Biosciences is a pre-clinical vaccine and therapeutic development company addressing delivery of “smarter” vaccine and anti-infective solutions. Based in Buffalo but having labs space in Johnson & Johnson’s incubator, JLABs, Toronto. the firm has already developed key technologies and analytical strategies to facilitate our unique protection strategies: The firm has developed a novel biofilm model that mimics the natural progression of disease for colonizing bacteria such Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus. The plan is toengage ioinformatics in conjunction with our biofilm model to identify antigens associated with specific stages of disease progression. The firm also has crated a novel formulation strategy that removes the need for complex chemistry to produce polysaccharide conjugate vaccines and a broad RNA-based therapy for treating influenza infections.
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