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Aarden Pharmaceuticals Inc
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   Drugs targeting phosphatase family of proteins: emphasis on protein tyrosine phosphatases
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351 West 10th Street Suite 505
Indianapolis, IN 46202
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Aarden had been a small molecule drug discovery and development company. working with novel technology licensed from the labs of the Indiana University School of Medicine. The technology represented a chemistry breakthrough that could enable the firm to make drugs against a previously undruggable set of intracellular phosphatase (PTP) disease targets. Targeting the phosphatase family of proteins with emphasis on protein tyrosine phosphatases that catalyze the removal of phosphate groups from tyrosine residues of proteins and play key roles along with the tyrosine kinases in various signal transduction pathways, Arden Pharmaceuticals, Inc.'s drug program focus was on infectious diseases, cancer, metabolic, and autoimmune therapeutic areas. Record seems to suggest that firm ceased operation in/around 2013
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Inhibitors of Mycobacterial Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase B (Mptpb) for Therapy Of