Miniature Aiming Ranging Laser
Award last edited on: 5/19/2023

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Mark Cameron

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B E Meyers & Company Inc

9461 Willows Road NE
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Contract Number: N/A
Start Date: 6/14/2022    Completed: 6/15/2023
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Phase II

Contract Number: H92405229P014
Start Date: 6/14/2022    Completed: 6/15/2023
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In an effort to maintain the advantage of today’s SOF operators, a new weapon mounted laser pointer and illuminator system with laser range finding capability out to 900 meters is proposed. To increase survivability and lethality of the operator, the system will minimize size and weight while improving performance, reliability and operability. The development of a new laser based variable divergence illuminator will provide ideal beam clarity over an extended zoom range and provide a disturbed aiming pointer. The system will include operator controls that serve to deliver appropriate irradiance to the target area at ranges greater than 900 meters, and to decrease response times. The controls will also accommodate LRF functions and system setup without conflicting with the aiming and pointing functions. The system will survive all applicable warfare environments, such as immersion, recoil, and thermal shock, while maintaining zero position stability and system functionality. The system will be tested to MIL-STD-810H and compliant with all requirements set forth in the Phase II Statement Of Objectives (SOO) for the Miniature Aiming Ranging Laser (MARL).