Group 2 (55lbs) Unmanned Aerial System for Special Operations Forces Tactical-Level Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Operations
Award last edited on: 9/17/2018

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Tony Davila

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Knight Technical Solutions LLC

20 Bannut Court Sw
Huntsville, AL 35824
   (256) 527-7137
Location: Single
Congr. District: 05
County: Madison

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The proposed Group 2 UAS is a long endurance fixed wing aircraft, a secure communications system and a portable ground station. The light weight aircraft features a high aspect ratio wing and is powered by an electric ducted fan for maximum efficiency. The modular aircraft system is one man portable and designed to be packed out on a molle backpack configuration. The conceptual airframe design lends itself to mimicking indigenous large birds of prey that would be present in most major theaters of operation to provide reduced visual signature in support of Operational Preparation of Environment and Advanced Force Operation. Aero modeling demonstrates the viability of the conceptual airframe. The aircraft supports modular wings, organic EO/IR sensors, modular interchangeable payload modules, exchangeable high efficiency batteries and a highly integrated avionics system with an anti-handling capability.

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