Enhanced Canine Performance, Protection and Survivability
Award last edited on: 9/12/2018

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Kim Vandegriff

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Virtech Bio Inc

27 Strathmore Road
Natick, MA 01760
   (508) 627-0485
Location: Single
Congr. District: 05
County: Essex

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The goal of this Proposal is treatment of hemorrhage in SOCOM canines using a novel hemoglobin resuscitation fluid with oxygen carrying and plasma expansion properties (VIR-VET, a product of VirTech Bio). VIR-VET is designed to provide immediate hemodynamic stability and oxygenation to injured canines with blood loss. The product has advantages over traditional military fluid therapies: 1) As cell-free hemoglobin, blood donors are not required. 2) It is a colloid that expands intravascular volume with high oxygen carrying capacity. 3) It has high MW to prolong circulating time. Logistical benefits include temperature stability and ease of administration. It is packaged in oxygen-impermeable bags as an iso-osmotic salt solution and administered using standard blood infusion sets so that specialized equipment is not necessary. The Statement of Work includes two protocols to test safety and efficacy in rats with a dose-ranging study of VIR-VET and Lactated Ringers as control. Evaluations will include hemodynamics, blood gases, microvascular visualizations and interstitial oxygen measurements. Aim 1 is to show safety in a 10% top-load infusion model. Aim 2 is to look toward efficacy using more severe exchange transfusion models in which rat blood is isovolemically hemodiluted with either test (VIR-VET) or control solution.

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