Remote Sighting System for Weapons
Award last edited on: 6/3/2004

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Matthew C Hagerty

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Landtec Inc

13165 Sanguinetti Road
Sonora, CA 95370
   (209) 533-4001
Location: Single
Congr. District: 04
County: Tuolumne

Phase I

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The Smart Sight remote weapon sighting system enables the operator to effectively engage threats from cover or concealment thereby reducing the risk to the operator and drastically increasing shooting accuracy in any lighting condition. The improvements to be made with SBIR funds are: Feature 1. Operator surgical strike accuracy greatly increases. Feature 2. Eye monocle will be upgraded to a flat plane heads-up display. Feature 3. An infrared laser will become the new light source. Feature 4. Waterproofing the entire system to two atmospheres, 66ft. Feature 5. Video signal to be digitized for C4I compatibility. Benefit 6. Reduction in risk to the operator during full mission profile. Benefit 7. Real time surveillance, intelligence and mission planning. Benefit 8, Highly lethal and destructive in any and all lighting conditions. Benefit 9. Electronic warfare capability, non-jam function. Benefit 10. System Robustness and integration, with recording capability. The system is an electronic weapon sight using video, mounted to the operators' weapon, superimposing a cross-hair reticle over the image, then bringing the composite image by cable to a monocular headset for view and target acquisition by the system operator. The work involved will be in taking the system from its current mode to upgrading it to the desired lighter weight, waterproofing, smaller electronics and battery, for deployment on the M4 carbine, as part of the SOPMOD kit.

Exceeds Vision 2020, Bone Simple Operation, C4i Launch Platform, Real Time Imagery, Innovative Weapons

Phase II

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The remote video weapon sight from Phase I prototype allows the operator to engage threats from cover or concealment, accurately, thereby raising the operators lethality and safety in a hostile engagement. System is based on a waterproof proprietary wearable computer

increased lethality, better target acquizition, safety increases, waterproof wearable computer, bone simple operation