Multibeam L-Band Active Phased Array
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Danilo Dadic

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CesiumAstro Inc (AKA: Cesium)

13413 Galleria Circle Building Q Suite 225
Austin, TX 78738
   (512) 818-6869
Location: Single
Congr. District: 25
County: Travis

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Start Date: 9/1/2022    Completed: 8/31/2024
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Contract Number: HQ08502290007
Start Date: 9/1/2022    Completed: 8/31/2024
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Fielding a resilient, LEO-based space extension of currently fielded tactical datalinks offers the opportunity to connect disparate networks and to provide stand in resilience in currently contested threat environments. Meeting the primary operational challenge of fielding LEO constellations, while also optimizing space network performance requires fielding a communication payload based upon the following design parameters :Fast electronic steering with multiple beams; integration with commoditized buses and associated constraints in size, weight, power consumption, and thermal management; communication with fielded tactical terminals that were not designed to communicate with LEO; and large-quantity production in support of constellation deployment with associated cost and schedule constraints. Cesium’s design and production methods directly address the challenges associated with fielding the NDSA. Its product line offers a Lego-like architecture with RF and antenna front ends that cover critical space frequency allocations along with a common digital back end. The design leverages industry-wide investment in mobile communication for cost and performance of integrated circuits, meets requirements for high-volume manufacturing, and uses software-defined features.