Electro-optical Seeker
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Mark V Parish

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CeraNova Corporation

85 Hayes Memorial Drive
Marlborough, MA 01752
   (508) 460-0300
Location: Single
Congr. District: 03
County: Middlesex

Phase I

Contract Number: HQ003419P0082
Start Date: 3/7/19    Completed: 9/6/19
Phase I year
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Execution of long-range weapons capabilities reduces risk and affords greater warfighter protection. Core enabling technologies for hypersonic projectiles include high-strength lightweight materials, precision avionics, and novel designs. System demands include the ability to withstand both high accelerations (up to 50,000 Gs) and aerothermal shock. Detailed structural engineering and shock modeling (finite element analysis) are necessary to understand how shock loads are transmitted to projectile and seeker components. Imaging sensors employed on projectile platforms provide detection, discrimination, and precision guidance to targets. The sensors are protected by a “window” that shields the guidance system from environmental conditions during launch and flight. Materials for protective windows or domes must possess the optical properties necessary for signal transmission and the physical properties necessary to withstand external mechanical and thermal stresses. Preferred window materials will have high strength, high transmission, and high aerothermal survivability. This proposal addresses the need for a compact, aerodynamic, seeker window capable of performing and surviving the mechanical and thermal loads encountered during gun launch and hypervelocity flight. Maintaining window integrity and seeker alignment is required for optimum system performance. CeraNova’s experience in manufacturing conformal optics will be leveraged to enable design and fabrication of a compact seeker wi

Phase II

Contract Number: HQ003420C0145
Start Date: 9/28/20    Completed: 9/27/22
Phase II year
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This Phase II program addresses an urgent US need for seeker windows on compact, high Mach munitions. The Phase II builds upon the results gained in the Phase I program to determine the selection of a seeker window system, the fabrication of test windows, and the delivery of seeker windows to OSD-SCO and seeker developers. The tremendous mechanical and thermal loads encountered by these projectiles during gun launch at up to 50,000 G and hypervelocity flight require highly advanced materials and designs. As indicated in the Phase I, CeraNova’s IR-transparent ceramics are uniquely able to withstand extreme temperatures and forces and provide the required precision optical performance for advanced seeker imaging on high-Mach vehicles. This technology will ultimately enable extended ranges, increased payloads and lethality, and higher targeting accuracy, all of which will provide greater warfighter protection. CeraNova has assembled a strong, knowledgeable team consisting of design, modeling and simulation expertise, capable testing organizations, seeker developers, and airframe system manufactures. As a result, program risk is minimalized and success probability maximized