Global Scientific Sensor Network and Data Infrastructure for Hands-On Science Learning
Award last edited on: 9/15/2017

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Clifton Roozeboom

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Myriad Sensors Inc (AKA: PocketLab)

385 South Monroe Street
San Jose, CA 95128
   (408) 350-7322
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County: Santa Clara

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This SBIR Phase I project will develop a Global Scientific Sensor Network (GSSN), which is a web-based interface that enables students and educators to analyze experimental sensor data, publish experiments and results, and collaborate on global science projects. Educational researchers have identified that scientific equipment operation can lead to mechanical tasks characteristic of the work of laboratory technicians rather than the creative endeavors of scientists. This project will apply innovations in consumer electronics, user interface design, and web-based tools to lower technological barriers and enable users to explore science questions that inspire them. The GSSN will (1) engage students about the relevancy of science concepts in the real world, (2) prepare students for open-ended problem solving, (3) introduce students to innovative and interactive lab equipment, and (4) involve students in global science research. These skills and experiences will better prepare students to solve emerging challenges in the aeronautics, physics, connected Internet of Things, global climate, and other scientific research disciplines.

In this SBIR Phase I project, the database infrastructure and user interface that comprise the key elements of a Global Scientific Sensors Network (GSSN) will be developed. The project will demonstrate an end-to-end experimental platform that connects physical measurement equipment, wireless connection devices, database infrastructure, and web-based user interfaces. The technical innovation of the GSSN will be (1) the development of database infrastructure that can organize many types of data from students and educators with low technical demand and (2) smart user interface tools to extract scientifically relevant information from raw sensor data. For example, a student will be able to measure parameters like barometric pressure, transmit the data wirelessly to an app for visualization, compare his experimental measurements to other data sources, and collaborate on global weather research with users around the world through web-based tools. The proposed project is designed for ease-of-use and will help students be more scientifically literate, connect students across the globe to work on common goals, and encourage problem-solving skills that apply to emerging societal challenges. User testing with students at the middle school, high school, and college levels will be conducted to gather feedback on the interface design and system functionality.

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