A Detection System for Determining the Concentration, Size, and Depth of Buried Radioactive Material
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Joseph J Shonka

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Shonka Research Associates Inc

4939 Lower Roswell Road Suite 106
Marietta, GA 30068
   (770) 509-7606
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County: Cobb

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A novel method of analyzing data from collimated gamma spectrometers has been proposed. The research will concern the development of a gamma spectrometer system that would be used for in-situ measurements to locate sources inadvertently disposed of in landfills. Unlike currently available systems, the proposed system would be capable of determining the size, shape, location and depth of radioactive objects in soil as well as their total activities. The system would he capable of discriminating between contaminated soils and buried objects and also capable of asserting the profile (uniform or not) for contamination dispersed in soils. This would provide for substantial cost savings in the event that a source needed to be located and retrieved and would also provide a means with which regulators could make an informed decision on whether or not remediation was necessary and to what degree.

Anticipated Results:
A system will be developed that will allow in-situ measurements at disposal sites (e.g., landfills) that will provide information as to the shape, size, and depth of contaminated soils or objects. The system will employ digital imaging methods to allow detailed analysis of data post-collection. Commercial application would be to package the system into a product to be used by organizations responsible for locating buried sources, establishing the extent of radioactive contamination at disposal sites, or supporting decommissioning and decontamination efforts.

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