Coils for Human Whole Body Imaging at 7T
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Principal Investigator
John T Vaughan

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Life Services LLC

2718 Summer Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
   (612) 369-1818

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University of Minnesota

Phase I

Contract Number: 1R41EB013543-01
Start Date: 6/1/11    Completed: 5/31/12
Phase I year
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Currently in 40 luminary labs around the world, 7T MR is proving to be a powerful instrument for imaging the human brain. While the same potential exists for whole-body imaging at 7T, the radiofrequency coil technology and methods critical to realizing this potential have yet to be developed. In this proposal, we plan to solve this problem by developing the new technology and methods required. A progressive series of three new coils is proposed. The first coil solves problems of transmit field inefficiency and inhomogeneity for body imaging, with a close fitting, 16 channel TEM conformal array design with efficient shield capacitance decoupling. The second coil progresses directly from the first with automatic tuning and matching, an innovation of huge importance for multi-channel transmit coils. The third coil combines the second, auto- tuned multi-channel transmitter with a 32 channel receiver for best transmit efficiency, control, receive sensitivity and parallel imaging performance. This final coil will make safe, research grade, whole body imaging possible for the first time at 7T, with the inherent benefits of unprecedented SNR and imaging speeds. Phase II will pursue refinements and commercialization of this coil on Siemens, GE, and Philips 7T research and 3T clinical systems.

Public Health Relevance:
Currently in 40 luminary labs around the world, 7T MR is proving to be a powerful instrument for imaging the human brain. While the same potential exists for whole-body imaging at 7T, the radiofrequency coil technology and methods critical to realizing this potential have yet to be developed. This proposal has a progressive plan for developing the innovations required to transform 7T MRI into a powerful tool for whole- body imaging.

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Phase II

Contract Number: 2R42EB013543-02
Start Date: 6/1/11    Completed: 8/31/16
Phase II year
(last award dollars: 2015)
Phase II Amount

For this Phase II STTR proposal, the investigators plan to develop and commercialize the radiofrequency (RF) coil technology to make 7T body MRI possible, and to translate this new technology to vastly improve 3T clinical MRI as well. In the Phase I project leading to this proposal, all specific aims were accomplished to demonstrate the feasibility of safely and successfully imaging the human body for the first time with commercially available technology at 7T. This technology incorporated a number of innovations including automatic tuning and matching, and multi-channel transmit RF field shimming. Unlike the whole body coil built into the bore of clinical magnets, the RF coil technology developed here is easily retrofitted to existing systems, atop the patient table and fitting closely to the body for improved efficiency. The Phase II project proposed will deliver an improved commercial package of this device with the built-in, multi-channel dedicated power amplifiers required to drive it. Because this technology offers advantages of multi-channel RF field control, optimization, and efficiency, it would bring new advantages to 3T clinical imaging as well. Accordingly, a 3T clinical body coil system will be developed for commercial offering as well.

Public Health Relevance Statement:

Public Health Relevance:
We plan to provide, for the first time, a commercial radiofrequency (RF) body coil system for human MRI at 7 Tesla, along with an improved body coil system for 3-Tesla clinical imaging. These body coils will combine multi-channel RF-field optimization capability together with automatic tuning and matching, and significant transmit efficiency gains through conformal fit and on-coil, channel-dedicated power amplifiers. This new RF technology will make 7T body imaging possible and 3T body imaging substantially improved.

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