Iontophoretic catheter research
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Steven Weinberg

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Advanced Clinical Products Inc

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The urinary tract is a major site of nosocomial infections. The leading cause of these infections is urinary catheterization, which in turn is the most common predisposing factor for fatal gram-negative sepsis in hospitals. The long-term objective of iontophoretic catheter research is to develop a device to prevent catheterrelated urinary tract infections.The ultimate configuration envisioned consists of a specially designed Foley-style catheter containing two metal electrodes within the drainage lumen. Provision is made for connecting the electrode leads to a microampere constant current power supply. The catheter is thus modified for iontophoresis application. Preliminary microbiological testing shows that noble metal iontophoresis can kill various bacterial genera.The research proposed in this Phase I study is directed at determining feasibility of this concept by (1) a complete screening test consisting of parametric evaluation of potential electrode materials, several bacterial genera, and levels of electromotive force; (2) the conduct of electrode reliability/survival evaluation in a suitable medium; and (3) the design and fabrication of a urodynamic evaluation system for subsequent evaluation in the dynamic fluid flow mode.National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

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