Advanced Integrated CMOS Terahertz (THz) Focal Plane Arrays (FPA)
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Esko O Mikkola

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Alphacore Inc

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Start Date: 9/22/2022    Completed: 9/21/2024
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Direct to Phase II

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Contract Number: HM047622C0075
Start Date: 9/22/2022    Completed: 9/21/2024
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Existing THz devices have not yet provided all the imaging functionalities required to fulfill non-destructive imaging and remote sensing applications. Most of the THz imaging and spectroscopy systems utilize single-pixel detectors, which results in a severe trade-off between the measurement time and field-of-view. Lack of large-format (many-pixel) sensor arrays is one of the major hurdles for the proliferation of THz sensing methodologies and related applications like medical imaging and security screening. In this Direct-to-Phase II program, the team will demonstrate a fieldable prototype THz-FPA meeting the required bandwidth (1-3 THz) and dynamic range (>30dB) for large-format (>1 kilo pixel) with at least 1fps. The FPA will be fully integrated on a single CMOS chip, including the antenna receivers, RF detectors and baseband detectors, and processing unit. The key technologies that will be optimized include the detector architecture and bandwidth, including continuous-wave and time-domain sensing alternatives using solid-state and photoconductive sensors, integrating the readout technologies into an ASIC, leveraging our existing read out integrated circuits (ROICs), detector to ROIC interface optimization and full system integration.