Sensing Device for ESAF State Identification
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Nate Selden
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Tanner Research Inc

1851 Huntington Boulevard
Duarte, CA 91010
   (626) 471-9700
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Congressional District:   32
County:   Los Angeles

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To demonstrate the feasibility of remote fuze state detection, it is first necessary to identify any emitted signals that can be analyzed. Tanner will experimentally measure, evaluate, identify, and model electro-magnetic (EM) signatures of a safe-and-arm system. Using existing S&A electronics and in-house spectrum analyzers, high-rate oscilloscopes, and various antennae, initial measurements of various S&A states will be obtained. By cycling through each of the states of the S&A device, a large body of “signature” data can be obtained. This data will be analyzed to evaluate the various EM signatures such that heuristics can be developed to aid in identifying correlations between specific EM signatures and the associated S&A state. Ultimately, the goal will be to establish a sufficient understanding of the acquired signals to develop a preliminary detector design based on relevant laboratory conditions. This data will be used to establish feasibility, and a Phase II plan will be prepared.

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