MAGIC(R)-COINS (CO-channel INterference Separation): Comprehensive Interference Mitigation and Capacity Optimization for Tactical Data Links
Award last edited on: 6/2/2021

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DOD : Navy
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Brandon Zeidler

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Adaptive Dynamics Inc (AKA: ADI)

15373 Innovation Drive Suite 115
San Diego, CA 92128
   (858) 566-5627
Location: Single
Congr. District: 51
County: San Diego

Phase I

Contract Number: N68335-21-C-0274
Start Date: 3/4/2021    Completed: 8/21/2021
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Adaptive Dynamics, Inc. proposes GOLD-COINS, (Generalized OrthogonaL Decomposition)-(CO-channel INterference Separation), a robust, reconfigurable and resource-efficient architecture that first decomposes a wideband input with arbitrary sub-band allocations into a bank of filters, which then separate multiple co-channel interferers within each bank. An initial 3-channel prototype design for GOLD-COINS has been tightly coupled with the GEMINI-IMPS (Generalized Excision of Multiple INput Interference)-(Integrated Massively Parallel Separator) interference mitigation system under development for single-antennas under contract N68335-19-C-0258 (IMPS) and for dual-antennas under SBIR topic N192-D03 (GEMINI-IMPS). The prototype algorithm has demonstrated reliable performance in extremely challenging contested / congested operating conditions with an astounding 50-67% increase in capacity. The proposed work may increase capacity up to 100%, and is projected to fit within available hardware resource budgets.

Interference mitigation technology is still in the early stage of development for civilian applications, such as wireless service providers and wireless equipment providers. The benefits of civilian interference mitigation technology are the maximization of wireless system capacity, performance and increased robustness from intentional jamming and unintentional interference due to system contention and congestion. The MAGIC IM filter supports not only system capacity expansion, but also the co-existence of legacy systems with new wireless systems, i.e. spectrum sharing. GOLD-COINS would provide a very general architecture to address these needs.

Adjacent Channel Interference, Adjacent Channel Interference, digital signal processing, anti-jam, FPGA, Frequency Hopping, Co-channel interference, Interference Mitigation

Phase II

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Start Date: 00/00/00    Completed: 00/00/00
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