MAESTRO - MUOS Agile Emission Sensing / Transmit Radiation Optimization
Award last edited on: 8/22/2022

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DOD : Navy
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Brandon Zeidler

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Adaptive Dynamics Inc (AKA: ADI)

15373 Innovation Drive Suite 115
San Diego, CA 92128
   (858) 566-5627
Location: Single
Congr. District: 51
County: San Diego

Phase I

Contract Number: N68335-21-C-0845
Start Date: 9/22/2021    Completed: 4/4/2022
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Adaptive Dynamics, Inc. (ADI) proposes MAESTRO (MUOS Agile Emission Sensing / Transmit Radiation Optimization), a robust, resource-efficient, multi-resolution SA algorithm that continually senses emissions in the operating environment, and optimizes transmission masking to minimize the EIRP within active portions of the band. MAESTRO leverages the highly successful SBIR development for PRISM (PRogrammable Interference Separation for MUOS), which will begin initial operational deployment under a pending Phase 3 award. Whereas PRISM removes the detected interference received at the satellite in the uplink band, MAESTRO will instead filter the uplink band transmit spectrum of the MUOS radio, based on detected interference in the channel. The PRISM system utilizes a TRL-8 second-generation Interference Mitigation (IM) algorithm known as MAGIC®-IMPS (Multiple Adaptive Interference Cancellers – Integrated Massively Parallel Structure), a highly resource efficient architecture for mitigating hundreds of simultaneous interferers. In this effort, ADI will improve upon the highly successful MAGIC®-IMPS architecture by developing ARCANA (Auto Resolution Continuous AdaptatioN Algorithm), a highly resource efficient multi-resolution kernel with computational complexity on the order O(log2(Nmax) * Nmax), spectral resolution ranging from Fs/Nmax to Fs/Nmin and time resolution Nmin/Fs. The ARCANA kernel is designed for both spectral analysis and spectral synthesis, and forms the heart of the MAESTRO algorithm.

Phase II

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