Cognitive Asynchronous Multi User Detection and Interference Cancellation Appliqué for Advanced Tactical Networking Waveform (CAMICA)
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Apurva M Mody

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Phase I

Contract Number: N68335-21-C-0271
Start Date: 3/18/2021    Completed: 9/21/2021
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AiRANACULUS, along with its partners proposes an innovative Cognitive Asynchronous Multi User Detection and Interference Cancellation Appliqu for Advanced Tactical Networking Waveform (CAMICA) that will help to increase Tactical Data Links network capacity and throughput by employing partially overlapping channels leveraging cognitive and adaptive filtering techniques that can significantly suppresses adjacent channel interference. Our adaptive filtering approaches will focus on capacity enhancements for overlapped channels within the Statistical Priority based Multiple Access systems employed for Advanced Tactical Networking Waveforms used by the Navy. Our approach will be based on spectrum sensing, interference and noise estimation, followed by adaptive filtering approaches using Asynchronous Multi User Detection (MUD) techniques. Phase I effort will consist of achieving a higher network capacity in tactical data links by analyzing, simulating, and documenting the feasibility of implementing efficiencies on a given channel. During the course of the Phase I, we will estimate the FPGA footprint of various cognitive adaptive filtering approaches such that they may be implemented in a Field Programmable Gated Array (FPGA). Implementing this type of capability would provide greater spectral efficiency and bandwidth for tactical data links. The attributes cited above would provide substantial network improvements in reducing overall spectral access requirements while simultaneously increasing warfighter communication and data network capacity.

AiRANACULUS has received support letters from both Data Link Solutions, where Collins Aerospace is a partner, as well as Viasat. We anticipate that the CAMICA Appliqu should be of significant interest to the Navy to boost the capacity of Advanced Tactical Networking Waveform. Our intention is to design this Cognitive, Capacity boosting and Interference Canceling Firmware / Software such that, it can be easily integrated within the Software Interface Specification (SiS) of the Multifunctional Information Distribution Systems (MIDS) Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS). To that end, Collins and Viasat have indicated that they would like to be strong partners for this technology to integrate it into the MIDS-JTRS Radios during Phase II of this effort. On the Commercial Side, we believe the CAMICA holds tremendous promise for the Battlefield Internet of Things (BIoT), Critical Industrial Internet of Things (CIoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Markets which, together are anticipated to reach $520 Billion Globally according to Bain. This technology may be used in existing Wi-Fi systems to boost capacity in dense urban scenarios where many channels go wasted. They may even be used for Cognitive Bi-directional Spectrum Sharing between Federal and Commercial Systems to be used in bands such as Citizens Broadband Radios Service (CBRS) where channels may overlap. Another application could be the use of this technology for TV WhiteSpaces where the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that signals may be offset by half the channel. Finally, a generic version of CAMICA may be used for unintentional interference cancellation to 4G/ 5G systems which itself is a $500M market.

interference cancellation, interference cancellation, Asynchronous Multi User Detection (MUD), Statistical Priority based Multiple Access, Overlapped Channels, cognitive, Advanced Tactical Networking Waveform., Frequency Hopping

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