High-Efficiency Wideband, Linear RF Amplifier for Naval Communications
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James Crowder
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Colorado Engineering Inc (AKA:Colorado Engineering Analysis~CEI)

1915 Jamboree Drive Suite 165
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
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Congressional District:   05
County:   El Paso

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The CEI Team proposes to develop a resilient, wide band linear RF amplifier (4-8 GHz) architecture incorporating a custom GaN front end. This front end will be equipped with adaptive circuits to combat jamming attacks including an active interference filter. This circuitry will be automatically controlled by algorithms implemented in the digital back end which are based on digital signal processing after a high-performance analog to digital conversion. Digital and analog filtering techniques will be combined to obtain a highly linear, interference-hardened RF transmitter with high data rate capability that offers an alternative in satellite communication denied military environments.

The CEI/CUB Team believes adaptation of this linear, wide band RF amplifier could be utilized for commercial systems to provide a hardened, information assurance-enabled wide band RF communications amplifier and provide an asset for communications systems that can be made more resilient in the future. The team will work with various DoD and commercial contacts (e.g., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon Technology) to drive adaptation of this linear RF amplifier for use across the commercial and DoD spectrum.

Adaptive Anti-Jamming Inference, Adaptive Anti-Jamming Inference, Hardened RF Transmitter, Linear RF Amplifier

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