Guided Missile Submarine SSGN Seawater System Antifouling
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DOD : Navy
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Eric Taylor

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CEPEDA Associates Inc

11100 Decimal Drive
Louisville, KY 40299
   (502) 267-4945
Location: Single
Congr. District: 04
County: Jefferson

Phase I

Contract Number: N00024-16-P-4093
Start Date: 7/8/2016    Completed: 10/2/2017
Phase I year
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CEPEDA's Seawater Anti-fouling System (SAS) uses advancements in electrolytic chlorine generation, affordable manufacturing, and common electrical components to deliver a cost effective means to integrate equipment to prevent and mitigate bio-fouling of submarine seawater systems. The flexible design and robust support will allow the SAS to be configured for back-fit on other classes of submarines with a short payoff period and lower overall ownership costs.

The Seawater Anti-fouling System will have a flexible design allowing it be configured not just for the SSGNs but for all classes of submarines. Expanding the installation base to include all submarines will dramatically reduce the Navy's cost for seawater system maintenance as well as reducing the high acquisition and ownership cost of existing ECGs.

SSGN, SSGN, SubSafe, ECG, Antifouling, Chlorine Generator, seawater

Phase II

Contract Number: N68335-18-C-0193
Start Date: 1/10/2018    Completed: 10/10/2019
Phase II year
Phase II Amount
CEPEDA's Seawater Antifouling System (SAS) will leverage commercial-off-the-shelf electrode technology and hardened Navy components and designs to implement an electrolytic chlorine generator for submarine use that provides reliability and maintenance advantages over existing systems.

The SAS sill dramatically reduce the need to hydro-lance the seawater heat exchangers and condensers on commercial vessels that use seawater for cooling or ballast can benefit from the innovations of the SAS.

Condenser, chlorine, Biofouling, Submarine, seawater, scaling, electrolytic