A Modular High Voltage (> 10 kV), High Power Density SiC Power Package for Extreme Environments
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DOD : Navy
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Brandon Passmore

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Arkansas Power Electronics International Inc (AKA: APEI Inc)

535 West Research Center Boulevard
Fayetteville, AR 72701
   (479) 443-5759
Location: Single
Congr. District: 03
County: Washingto

Phase I

Contract Number: N00014-15-P-1125
Start Date: 7/6/2015    Completed: 5/6/2016
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A modular high voltage (>10 kV), high power density silicon carbide-based power switch will be designed and developed to withstand the extreme environments associated with military applications in surface and underwater vehicles. This high performance, high reliability power switch will exhibit modularity for ease connecting to the system for a variety of circuit topologies, high reliability to withstand extreme environments and operation conditions, ease of manufacturing to lower cost and improve yield, minimal parasitics to enable high frequency switching and maximize efficiency, and reduction of thermal resistance to increase power density and reduce cooling requirements. In Phase I, the power switch will be designed such that the thermal, mechanical, and electrical characteristics are optimized to achieve a high performance package that can withstand the extreme temperature range from -225 C to 150 C. In addition, a model will be developed to estimate output power and efficiency once integrated into a power converter. Phase II work will focus on building and full characterizing the ultra-compact high power (+200 kW) conversion system such that it can be seamlessly transitioned into existing naval systems.

The anticipated benefit from this ultra-compact packaging approach includes a portable high power density solution that is design to withstand harsh environments associated with military applications. Other potential commercial applications include ultra-compact power converters for energy storage systems, solid-state transformers, and circuit breakers.

high power density, high power density, power switch, Extreme environment, silicon carbide

Phase II

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