Laser Beamrider Optical Countermeasures
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DOD : Navy
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Stanley D Young

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AVISYS Incorporated

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Contract Number: N00014-03-M-0287
Start Date: 7/1/2003    Completed: 12/31/2003
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Today’s military aircraft require protection against a new generation of laser beamrider (LBR) threats that are more capable and difficult to defeat. In many cases, high levels of disruptive Optical Countermeasures (OCM) jamming energy must be directed at the LBR operator to temporarily dazzle his optical tracking system (human eye or EO camera/video) to prevent him from maintaining a steady lock and track on the target aircraft. We are proposing to develop a unique and innovative concept to meet these protection needs for DOD military aircraft from the LBR threat. Our LBR-OCM concept concentrates on using low cost high brightness expendables to disrupt or dazzle the LBR tracker (human or electro-optical). Our LBR-OCM expendable will be eye safe in its intended use and deployment. Benefits The primary benefit of this work is to provide a low cost, robust countermeasure against laser beamrider threats to aircraft. Commercialization of the expendable technology will involve product development, marketing and distribution of the system to three specific markets: military platform defense, antiterrorism and border surveillance, and civil defense. A primary candidate for commercialization of our LBR-OCM technology is for police SWAT and riot control teams to effectively diffuse unruly mobs and accomplish surprise interdictions with minimal threats. Keywords Laser beamrider countermeasure, Expendable countermeasure, Platform self-protection

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