Compact Infrared Countermeasure Jam Head
Award last edited on: 5/16/2002

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DOD : Navy
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Stanley D Young

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AVISYS Incorporated

8801 Wall Street Building 8-800
Austin, TX 78754
   (512) 339-0031
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Congr. District: 10
County: Travis

Phase I

Contract Number: N68335-00-C-0348
Start Date: 4/19/2000    Completed: 10/19/2000
Phase I year
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Tactical aircraft DIRCM systems require a compact, high-power laser source in the mid-IR band. Current IRCM lasers are costly and exceed weight, space and power constraints of Navy tactical aircraft. Phase I will conduct the necessary analyses and investigations to confirm the utility of the Lockheed Martin mid﷓IR semiconductor compact laser subsystem and commercial off the shelf CCD sensors and gimbals to fulfill this critical role. The various subsystems which comprise this solution will be integrated on a single optical bench requiring only a two-axis gimbal. Proof of concept will include atmospheric propagation analysis to define optimum lasing wavelengths and ensure sufficient J/S in real-life environments. LOWTRAN 7 and/or HITRAN atmospheric propagation models will be used to run the appropriate simulations. Additionally, overall system hardware and software requirements will be defined and preliminary real estate analyses will be conducted to verify the feasibility of integrating the miniaturized IRCM into the existing USN AGILE EYE jam head. The miniaturized IR countermeasure system that is the subject of this Phase I SBIR will provide low cost, onboard protection for a variety of defense and civil airborne platforms. Beyond the obvious protection of fixed and rotary wing military assets, the MIRCM is applicable to antiterrorist assets, coastal reconnaissance aircraft, and governmental and personal aircraft flying in high-risk areas worldwide.

Infrared Countermeasures, Self Protection, Tactical Aircraft, Jammer, Missile Tracking, Missile

Phase II

Contract Number: N68335-01-C-0321
Start Date: 7/12/2001    Completed: 7/12/2003
Phase II year
Phase II Amount
The overarching objective of Phase II is to develop and test a

Jam Head, Ircm, Laser, Tactical, Countermeasure, Mid-Ir