High-Power Mid-Infrared Lasers Based on III-V Type-II Quantum Wells
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DOD : Navy
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Chih-Hsiang Lin

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5319 Dumfries
Houston, TX 77096
   (713) 743-3631
Location: Single
Congr. District: 07
County: Harris

Phase I

Contract Number: N00024-96-C-4167
Start Date: 6/6/1996    Completed: 12/6/1996
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We propose to develop high-temperature mid-infixed. (3-5 gm) laser diodes with a high repetition frequency > 50 KHz in pulsed mode or high output power in cw mode. Recently, we have demonstrated optically pumped 285 K IIIN Type-H Quanturn-Well lasers at 4.1 Jim with the maximum peak output power of 650 mW/facet at 81 K and 200 mWffacet at 170 K. Our proposed lasers are based on nearly lattice-matched InAsAnGaSbAnAs/AlSb type-11 heterostructures, and utilize spadally-indirect interband transitions. Since the Auger non-radiative recombinations are dramatically suppressed, the radiative efficiency will be at least 2 orders of magnitudes larger than the quantum cascade lasers demonstrated by AT&T group, H-VI lasers, and IV-VI lasers. 'Me Phase I effort will be directed towards the demonstration of nearly room-temperature high-power optically-pumped lasers in cw mode or with high repetition frequency in pulsed mode.

Laser Diodes Type Ii Heterostructures Interband Transition Mid-Infrared Inas/Algasb Quantum Wells

Phase II

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