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Automation of fiber-optic pigtailing process
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Fred Unterleitner
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Kaptron Inc

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Production techniques for fiber pigtailed semiconductor lasers are entirely manual at this time. Automation of the processes will become increasingly important as fiber optics becomes more widely used, necessitating high volume, low cost production methods. Two techniques in use today, manual soldering and manual epoxying of the fiber to a substrate in the package, have proven unwieldly in terms of volume capability and long-term reliability. This phase I proposal will explore the possibility of using laser induced welding to achieve an immediate and permanent bond without the temperature problems of solder and hermeticity problems to epoxy. A laser bonding system will be integrated with the Kaptron "polytrope 1000" computer controlled automatic alignment and test instrument. The proven efficiency and stability of the coupling of the laser energy into the fiber, as well as a prototype automatic alignment and laser welding system, are the primary program objectives.

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