Seaming/Joining and Load Patch Technologies for High Tenacity Fabrics
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Charles A Howland
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Warwick Mills Inc

301 Turnpike Road PO Box 409
New Ipswich, NH 03071
   (603) 291-1000
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County:   Hillsborough

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Warwick proposes a new technical innovation to improve the performance of HAA joints using a double-sided Balanced HAA Joining process. In concert with our Multi-functional Fiber Layer (MFL) hull material design, we propose a novel adhesive solution. Using high temperature thermoplastic as part of a multi-functional system, we propose to combine two HAA hull fabrics with minimal mass and maximum tenacity of the joint. This Balanced HAA Joining proposed design addresses several concerns which are relevant to HAA joining techniques: 1.) 90C exposure is out of scope for most thermoplastics; our system addresses this temperature requirement. 2.) Single sided joints often fail in peel; our balanced designs preserve simple double shear stresses. 3.) Current load patch materials add significant mass to airship envelopes; our load patch approach introduces a new method of manufacturing for very low-mass load patch

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