Remote aerial inspection of bridges
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Julian Wolkovitch

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ACA Industries Inc

28603 Trailriders Drive
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90274
   (213) 539-7121
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Congr. District: 33
County: Los Angeles

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Of the over 600,000 highway bridges and approximately 100,000 railroad bridges in the U S. Many are difficult to inspect because of limited accessibility Remote inspection by unmanned aerial vehicles may provide a solution to this problem, but involves considerations of vehicle suitability {helicopter, blimp, ducted fan vehicle), the bridge local atmospheric environment, and the type of control {radio, or fiber optics via a tether) The project objectives are to analyze the suitability of j various types of vehicle and control systems for bridge inspection tasks. Recommendations for selection of an off the shelf vehicle, or development of new vehicles and associated systems will be made.

Anticipated Results:
The study will produce quantitative assessments of competing vehicles with regard to their suitability for bridge inspection, and may lead to extensive civil and military use of such vehicles.

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