Novel Membranes for Electrochemical Compressors
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Mark Erickson

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Poole Ventura Inc (AKA: PVI)

321 Bernoulli Circle
Oxnard, CA 93030
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Contract Number: DE-SC0019651
Start Date: 2/19/2019    Completed: 11/18/2019
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Electron clouds in existing accelerators limit machine performance through dynamical instabilities and/or associated vacuum pressure increases. Bare metal vacuum walls have shown to prevent electron cloud formation. Proper scrubbing of stainless steel, or copper vacuum walls (or even niobium) will mitigate the problems of electron clouds and increase accelerator luminosity. Plasma discharge cleaning techniques are to be developed for in-situ scrubbing of long, small diameter tubes. Proposed project entails development of novel techniques and tools for generating dense plasmas remotely in machines with difficult access. Develop plasma discharge cleaning methods for difficult to access long narrow tubes. Design test facilities that similar a section of the RHIC cold-bore vacuum tubes, bellows and other components for phase II discharge cleaning tests and diagnostic to determine cleaning effectiveness. Preliminary design of full-scale discharge cleaning systems for the RHIC arcs. In-situ discharge cleaning of existing accelerator vacuum tubes is a very cost effective way to mitigate significant problems that exist in accelerators trying to increase luminosity. Advance to industry forefront an efficient plasma discharge cleaning method that can improve capabilities of automotive, semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical & other life-science industries, by improving deposition, etching and sterilization, in addition to cleaning.

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