Low Cost "CAMANILE" Near Field Probe Using Nanoimprint Lithography
Award last edited on: 1/11/2016

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Christophe Peroz

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Abeam Technologies

22290 Foothill Boulevard Suite 2
Hayward, CA 94541
   (510) 497-0222

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The near-field Campanile probe offer an unique solution to explore the behavior of matter at the nanometer scale by simultaneously imaging the physicochemical properties and the local morphology of materials. However, the fabrication of these revolutionary tips is complex and expensive with poor reproducibility, all of which prohibits any commercialization. Statement of How this Problem or Situation is Being Addressed This project proposes to develop a novel fabrication technology for directly imprinting the Campanile probes on the top of commercial optical fibers or other microscopy tips. The high resolution and versatility of the NIL technology are perfectly suitable for manufacturing the nano- tips in a cost-effective and reproducible way. Commercial Applications and Other Benefits This revolutionary imaging tool will be used in a broad range of applications including solar-cells, new hard drives and artificial proteins. Biologists, chemists, electrical engineers, and physicists will use the Campanile tips to probe matter at the nanoscale and design novel applications. Numerous research laboratories are just waiting for using the tips.

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