Laser-Based Acoustic Emission Detection for Building Stability Assessment
Award last edited on: 4/23/2014

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Xiaoqing Sun

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AAC International

60 Mechanic Street
Lebanon, NH 03766
   (603) 448-6177
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Congr. District: 02
County: Grafton

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A laser-based acoustic emission (AE) detection device is proposed for structural stability assessment of buildings in order to provide warning of structural instability or pending collapse. It will help to reduce injuries and fatalities during emergency mitigation operations. This new device will take advantage of innovations in laser ultrasonics, artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced acoustic emission technology to provide the user with a unique instant real-time stability assessment of the building structures in-situ, which was not attainable in the past. The research will also result in a unique non-contact AE monitoring device, which will be very useful in many areas of application. The primary objective of the Phase I research is to demonstrate and evaluate under laboratory conditions the concept of the laser device for stability assessment, and to construct a prototype setup for further development and optimization in the subsequent Phase II research. In contrast to conventional visual inspection, the proposed development, if successful, will provide an instantaneous, more accurate and reliable objective assessment for building stability based on scientific parameters detected in-situ. A huge market will be developed in the emergency mitigation and management sector once the product demonstrates its superior function over the visual inspections.

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