Reduction of Burn Progression and Scar Contracture with Cytokine-Neutralizing Gels
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Newell R Washburn
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Washburn Therapeutics Inc

6743 Wilkins Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
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Washburn Therapeutics Inc. is developing biologically active gels that control inflammation by selectively neutralizing pro-inflammatory cytokines based on a technology being licensed exclusively by the company from Carnegie Mellon University. Preliminary results demonstrated that conjugates of antibodies against tumor necrosis factor-alpha and hyaluronic acid were able to reduce secondary necrosis in a partial-thickness rat burn model by 70%. This SBIR Phase I will focus on treating partial-thickness burns to test of the safety and efficacy of the technology in preventing extensive tissue necrosis following burn and measuring subsequent scar contraction in the rat burn model. The hypothesis of this research program is that prevention of burn progression through local control of inflammatory responses will improve healing outcomes. Early therapeutic intervention could make a significant impact in burn treatment.

Antibodies, Burns, Cytokines, Hyaluronic Acid, Inflammation, Scars

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