Innovative Respiratory Protection for Low Threat Environments
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Grey Allen Tiley

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D Wheatley Enterprises Inc (AKA: DWE Inc)

1362 Brass Mill Road
Belcamp, MD 21017
   (410) 297-6550
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Contract Number: W911SR-18-P-0023
Start Date: 9/19/18    Completed: 3/20/19
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Respiratory equipment has always required the use of a face seal or neck dam to provide good levels of protection. Although proven to beeffective, this approach is constraining when conceiving future integrated systems and can heavily burden the wearer. The development of anew device for lower threat environments, now provides the opportunity to finally remove the rubber off the face. This program delivers anew generation of protection technology in the form of a of non-contact powered respirator. Through the novel use of lower flow filtered aircurtainscombined with an integrated clear face shield, a new class of respirator is created.Several unique benefits can only be delivered through this approach. The non-contact technology removes the need for respirator sizing,regular shaving and fit testing. The dual zone nozzle design provides a mounting platform for a large clear protective visor that simplifiesfuture integrated helmet solutions. The air-curtain delivers extended wear time, reduced noise and a compact size unit when compared totraditional loose fitting PAPRs. The reduction in wearer burden continues to be a key driver for new products, this approach delivers increasedwearer confidence and comfort while removing the claustrophobic effects of tight fitting respirators.

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