Breathable, Lightweight, Elasticized Carbon-Based Closures for Chemical Warfare Agent Vapor Management
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Andrew Seessel

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Absolute Closure Innovations Inc

104 West Garfield Avenue
Bozeman, MT 59715
   (406) 556-1275
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County: Gallatin

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Textile technology related to Chemical Biological (CB) protective clothing has made rapid progress from the initial introduction of the Battledress Overgarment to the currently conceived selectively permeable membrane (SPM) ensembles of the Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST) and the Joint Protective Aircrew Ensemble (JPACE). Closure system technology has not advanced as dramatically or as successfully. Despite Joint Service demands for a cost-effective CB closure that reduces heat stress, closures are still expensive, bulky, difficult to use, hard to maintain, and an impediment to mission success. The crucial problem of preventing CB agent penetration at the extremity interfaces remains unresolved. Absolute Closure Innovations (ACI) proposes the development of an economical, lightweight, flexible, and elastic CB closure that solves the extremity interface dilemma by forming a seal between the ensemble extremity opening and the peripheral glove, boot, or mask. The closure protects from CB exposure and does not interfere with the warfighter performance. ACI's novel closure can be integrated into current ensembles using standard installation techniques and is appropriate for next generation elasticized SPM concepts. With a recognized and experienced team of designers, engineers, and advisors, ACI is uniquely qualified to develop and commercialize the innovative sealed closure system

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