High Power Direct Diode Laser
Award last edited on: 9/25/2021

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DOD : Army
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Principal Investigator
Robin Huang

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Forward Photonics LLC

500 West Cummings Park
Woburn, MA 01801
   (978) 224-5488
Location: Single
Congr. District: 05
County: Middlesex

Phase I

Contract Number: W9113M-17-C-0004
Start Date: 11/23/2016    Completed: 8/4/2018
Phase I year
Phase I Amount
We propose to build the highest brightness direct diode laser ever constructed, a nearly diffraction limited laser subsystem at a power level of > 50 kW CW using wavelength beam combining (WBC). WBC is a technique which allows for the combination of many distinct diode elements in which the common output beam has nearly the same beam characteristics as that of a single element. Since wavelength beam combining is a truly scalable approach this will lead to scaling direct diode lasers to hundreds of kW with a nearly diffraction limited output beam.

Phase II

Contract Number: W9113M-18-C-0008
Start Date: 10/16/2017    Completed: 4/4/2021
Phase II year
(last award dollars: 2019)
Phase II Amount

There have been many recent developments in the direct energy weapon space throughout the armed services, including the demonstration of the Navys Laser Weapons System (LaWS), the Armys High Energy Laser Mobile Test Truck (HELMTT) and Mobile Expeditionary High Energy Laser (MEHEL) amongst others. Many of these systems (ex. LaWS) are based on a number of smaller fiber lasers spatially combined to produce higher output powers of 1050 kW. The main drawback of these fiber lasers are low efficiency (20-30 percent), and poor beam quality due to the spatial combination. Forward Photonics proprietary wavelength beam combining technology (WBC) effectively solves this problem, by allowing for the combination of many distinct diode elements with a common output beam that has nearly the same beam characteristics as that of a single element. In Phase II of this program Forward Photonics will provide a laser subsystem that meets the requirements of a directed energy laser.