Real-time Video Restoration Processor for Mitigating Atmospheric Distortion
Award last edited on: 1/26/2015

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DOD : Army
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Richard Pracht

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4-D Imaging Inc (AKA: 4DI)

3139 Campus Drive Suite 500
Norcross, GA 30071
   (678) 938-9598
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Congr. District: 07
County: Gwinnett

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Atmospheric distortion is a naturally occurring phenomenon that can severely limit the capabilities of long range optical and infrared sensors, particularly those with optical paths close to the ground or other hot surfaces. This distortion can adversely affect the U.S. Army’s ability to identify and target objects at long-range. In addition, advanced imaging systems can also be limited by atmospheric distortion rather than sensor technology. Accordingly, it will be necessary to restore image information in order to take full advantage of next-generation sensors. 4-D Imaging has developed and optimized a patent-pending algorithm that is specifically designed to suppress atmospheric turbulence in video. The algorithm uses adaptive multigrid control grid interpolation to estimate a dense displacement vector field based on the characteristics of atmospheric distortion present in an image sequence. The displacement field is then used as part of a distortion compensation process that preserves genuine motion, such as that of objects moving in front of a stationary background. 4-D Imaging proposes to use this algorithm in the development of a compact real-time video restoration processor that can be easily incorporated into existing imaging systems.

Image Processing, Video Processing, Video Distortion, Turbulence, Amcgi, Image Restoration, Flir, Digital Image Processing

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