Innovative Propulsion Methods for Small Arms Projectiles
Award last edited on: 3/25/2009

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DOD : Army
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Bruce Lund

Company Information

Lund & Co Invention LLC

344 Lathrop Avenue
River Forest, IL 60305
   (773) 689-8233
Location: Single
Congr. District: 07
County: Cook

Phase I

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Lund and Company Invention, L.L.C. is conducting research and development on a hydrogen-powered light weight weapon that can launch 5.56 mm NATO ammunition in both a lethal and non-lethal mode. Muzzle velocity can be readily modified by the warrior in the field to maximize effectiveness. The traditional cartridge and black powder propellant is eliminated. Advantages of the hydrogen-powered weapon include lower weight, increased long range effectiveness, reduced heat and visible flash, and the elimination gun powder combustion gases, burnt residue and smell. In the proposed system, hydrogen gas is directed to a combustion chamber where it is ignited by a piezo

Hydrogen Powered Weapon, Power Tunable Weapon, Hydrogen Power Supply, Lethal And Non-Lethal Weapon, Hydrogen Generation, Improved Muzzle Velocity, Improved Urban Warfare, Impr

Phase II

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Non-lethal weapons serve a significant role in society because they allow the military, police, prison guards and other authorities to control riots, unruly or disruptive persons. The FN303 and other paintball guns are used to control individuals or mobs without having to resort to physical means that may inflict long-term, permanent bodily harm, damage or death. The objective of this research, development, testing, and evaluation project is to mature the Lund Variable Velocity Weapon System (LVVWS) Alpha prototype to a Beta prototype ready for transitioning to the Army as an improvement over the FN303. The LVVWS can operate with targets less than 10 meters away or as far as 150 meters. It can deliver 500 shots per fuel canister, is lower in cost and lighter in weight.

Paintballs, Paintball Gun, Non-Lethal Weapon, Fn303, Multi-Shot, Mapp Gas