Next-Generation Aeromedical Module
Award last edited on: 6/4/2023

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Luke Perkins

Company Information

Knight Aerospace Medical Systems LLC

3606 Sw 36th Street Suite 101
San Antonio, TX 78226
   (210) 433-9961
Location: Single
Congr. District: 23
County: Bexar

Phase I

Contract Number: FA864922P0541
Start Date: 11/3/2021    Completed: 2/3/2022
Phase I year
Phase I Amount
Knight Aerospace Medical Systems LLC developed and manufactured a Aeromedical Bio-Containment Module (ABCM) for use on the C-17 and the C-130J aircraft. The Royal Canadian Air Force procured this item to transport and repatriate infectious disease patient

Phase II

Contract Number: FA8649-22-P-1075
Start Date: 7/25/2022    Completed: 10/23/2023
Phase II year
Phase II Amount
To address the Air Force’s need for a mobile hospital-grade working environment, Knight Aerospace is continuing the development of the Next-Generation Aeromedical Module (NGAM), an airworthy, roll-on/roll-off, airborne and ground-based, patient movement, and patient care solution that was proven feasible in Phase I. This system will provide aeromedical and critical care teams with a hospital quality patient care unit to support the full continuum of medical care and the ability to safely transport and care for patients while also protecting the aircrew from airborne pathogens. Based on successful Phase I results, Knight Aerospace will, in Phase II, build and integrate the independent Environment Control System (ECS) designed in Phase I. More importantly, Knight Aerospace will also integrate new and innovative medical and mobility/transportability capabilities. These advances will provide military personnel operating in far-forward, austere, chemically-contaminated, and disease endemic areas with the ability to provide a full spectrum of medical care in a quality and contained workspace. These enhancements cover everything from stabilization, transportation, and prolonged field care to ground-based/in-flight surgical and specialized care. At the end of Phase II, the NGAM is expected to be at TRL-5 with a patient movement/patient care prototype ready for testing and certification. If successful, Knight Aerospace will develop a plan for future development and commercialization of the NGAM in Phase III.