Super insulating textiles, apparel and accessories using a novel polymer aerogel fiber
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Jeff Nash

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Lukla Inc (AKA: OROS)

1430 SE 3rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97214
   (510) 501-3060
Location: Single
Congr. District: 03
County: Multnomah

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Contract Number: FA8649-21-P-0479
Start Date: 2/5/21    Completed: 5/3/21
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Lukla Inc. created a super insulating fiber that can be constructed into thermal apparel and accessories. Because of its ultra-low thermal conductivity, the fiber and resulting apparel provides the AF long-range pilot and supporting crews extended comfort in cold weather environments, enhanced freedom of movement and added protection against extreme temperatures. Aerogels are known for their insulating properties, but typical silica-based aerogels are brittle and non-durable. Lukla developed a novel polymeric based aerogel that is flexible and durable, and manufactured into a standard fiber form. Provided is a novel polymer-aerogel/fiber or polymer-aerogel/textile composite with thermal management properties that can be used alone or as an additive component to textiles and materials. The composite fiber greatly reduces thermal energy transfer and can be implemented as an insulative component to garments as well as an element of complete IR shielding by reducing heat transfer from personnel to the outside environment. Textile structures can be developed that optimize the aerogel composite fiber for thermal efficiency or safety from extreme surface temperatures. Using exclusively licensed NASA technology and intellectual property, our polymer-aerogel/fiber composite combines the characteristics of aerogels and polymers to produce a material that is extremely durable, flexible and reduces energy transfer via an ultra-high surface area. It’s thermally stable, nano porous structure exhibiting 20 nm diameter pores prohibit conductive and convective heat transport. The polyimide base chemistry allows for aerogel/fiber composite formation, durability, manufacturability, and integration with textile systems. Polymer-aerogel/fiber composite textiles can be made using advanced 3D knitting systems or standard textile industry knitting and weaving. Apparel, accessories or gear can be developed to meet or exceed AF End-User or -Customer requirements for thermal performance as well as standard durability and safety requirements

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