Low SWAP ACAS-Xu based Detect and Avoid (DAA)
Award last edited on: 5/12/2021

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Matthew Hamilton

Company Information

Sagetech Avionics Inc

317 West Steuben Street
Bingen, WA 98605
   (928) 300-1462

Research Institution

University of North Dakota

Phase I

Contract Number: FA8649-21-P-0083
Start Date: 12/17/2020    Completed: 5/17/2021
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Sagetech Avionics, working with the University of North Dakota ( UND) Aerospace Foundation, intends to develop and produce a very low size, weight and power (SWaP) detect and avoid (DAA) solution suitable for use in Group 2 or larger UAS, UAM aircraft, with civil and military applicability. The envisioned solution contains integrated transponder and ACAS-Xu functionality for cooperative target tracking and avoidance, and will be integrated with air-to-air radar for a complete DAA solution. Sagetech's low SWaP MXS provides Mode A/C/S transponder functionality, along with ADS-B In and Out, in a hardware platform the size of a deck of playing cards and weighing a third of a pound.  Another version of the same hardware platform has been modified to perform Mode A, C, and S interrogations, providing reply data and range-to-target based on omni-directional transmissions.  An off-the-shelf small radar system such as the Echodyne EchoFlight, or Fortem's TruView radar will be utilized to provide non-cooperative target input to the DAA solution.  Tracks from these sensors will be merged and correlated in a track fusion module, housed within the current architecture of one of the MX-based components listed above.  The final product is expected to be less than one pound and consume less than 25W power, not including the air-to-air radar components. Phase I will examine a key aspect of the feasibility of this project:  the ability to provide an acceptable safety case utilizing omni-directional interrogation of cooperative targets as part of the ACAS-Xu solution, while not overloading the 1090MHz spectrum.  Sagetech Avionics and UND Aerospace Foundation will determine appropriate methods and algorithms, through analysis and/or UAS test flights, for this method of cooperative target tracking.  

Phase II

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Start Date: 00/00/00    Completed: 00/00/00
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