Multimode Capable Electric Propulsion for Enhanced In-Space Maneuverability
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M Umair Siddiqui

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Phase Four Inc (AKA: P4)

12605 S Van Ness Avenue
Hawthorne, CA 90250
   (310) 648-8454
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Congr. District: 43
County: Los Angeles

Phase I

Contract Number: FA8649-21-P-0685
Start Date: 4/15/21    Completed: 7/14/21
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With space now a contested domain, the Space Force requires new space-based capabilities designed to outperform and outmaneuver near peer adversaries to ensure successful space operations can continue to be accomplished in support of warfighting efforts. In the pursuit of maintaining the United States’ propulsive superiority in space, Phase Four seeks to scale its innovative and cost-effective electric propulsion technology, the radiofrequency thruster (“RF thruster”), to support highly resilient and maneuverable national security space missions requiring solar electric propulsion (SEP). Over the course of the Phase I effort, Phase Four proposes to engage closely with Space Force program offices whose missions require high-power SEP, determine requirements for a high-power RF thruster development, and conduct a feasibility study and development plan to deliver this capability to a Space Force cust

Phase II

Contract Number: FA8810-21-C-0047
Start Date: 8/19/21    Completed: 2/18/23
Phase II year
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Phase Four (P4) proposes to adapt its flight heritage radiofrequency thruster (RFT) technology, part of the commercial Maxwell satellite propulsion system, to operate on the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)-developed next generation green propellant,