Integration of training effectiveness measurement (TEM) software with MOTAR platform and performing a training effectiveness study
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Priya Ganapathy

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UtopiaCompression Corporation (AKA: UC technologies~Utopia Compression Corporation)

11150 West Olympic Boulevard Suite 820
Los Angeles, CA 90064
   (310) 473-1500
Location: Single
Congr. District: 36
County: Los Angeles

Phase I

Contract Number: FA8649-21-P-0454
Start Date: 2/18/21    Completed: 5/19/21
Phase I year
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The goal of this Phase I effort is to identify end-users within AETC, Air combat combat and Air mobility command who are interested in a possible integration of UtopiaCompression Corporation (UC)’s proven learning analytics software with MOTAR (AFCreate) training ecosystem. Developed through ONR/NAVSEA SBIR funds, UC has demonstrated the efficacy of our learning analytics (Training Effectiveness Measurement-TEM) software results to improve on-the-job performance and skill retention post-training. To promote quick and real-time tracking of trainee performance, our software can be deployed directly by instructors. Once initiated by the instructors, the software performs real-time skill-tracking of trainees based on their training (performance) observables stored in the learning record store (LRS). The real-time assessment provided by our learning analytics software can be leveraged by instructors to provide timely remediation to accelerate learning. Our Phase I effort will involve collecting requirements from USAF MOTAR platform end-users who will benefit from real-time skill assessment that can be relayed back to the MOTAR instructor dashboard. To this end, as we advance into Phase II, UC will work closely with MOTAR platform developers (Dynepic Inc.) to develop, integrate and test our API for existing courses on MOTAR platform

Phase II

Contract Number: FA8649-22-P-0715
Start Date: 6/21/22    Completed: 9/21/23
Phase II year
Phase II Amount
The goal of this Phase II Effort is to integrate UC’s learning analytics (Training Effectiveness Measurement - TEM) software with MOTAR (Member, Operations, Training, Analytics and Report) platform which caters to USAF’s light-weight simulator ecosystem. UC will be working closely with 25th OSS to demonstrate the utility of TEM analytics for their AI-base training platform. Team UC will demonstrate the workings of TEM analytics on MOTAR platform (MOTAR compatible) and deliver the final results of the effectiveness study to USAF TPOCs and 25th OSS group. TEM widgets on MOTAR platform will allow course developers and instructors to initiate the TEM skill tracking models for a new cohort of students in a seamless manner. Notification from TEM assessment will be relayed to instructor via the MOTAR platform for further remediation if need