End-to-End Smart VR Training Platform with Authoring Tool, Simulator, and Analytics for Modern and Enhanced VR Training for Special Warfare Operators
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Phase I

Contract Number: FA8649-21-P-0526
Start Date: 2/5/2021    Completed: 5/7/2021
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VINCI VR has developed industry leading cutting edge VR technology that makes VR content more attainable and adaptable to a very diverse array of operators and their missions. VINCI VR has re-engineered how VR simulations are produced to make nearly every part of a simulation modifiable by people who do not know how to code via software automation.

Phase II

Contract Number: FA8649-22-P-0722
Start Date: 3/11/2022    Completed: 3/10/2023
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VINCI VR (VINCI) is solving VR Training problem sets via it's Codex End-to-End Smart VR Training (aka Codex), our industry leading platform that makes VR training more attainable, adaptable, and actionable to a diverse array of operators and missions, but is user-friendly for quick and easy simulation modification by instructors. Codex has 3 core components: Codex Editor with Smart Create, Codex Simulator, and Codex Analytics. Codex Editor enables teams to change nearly every part of a simulation and includes VINCI’s newest capability: Smart Create. Smart Creation is an intelligent content creation capability that automatically adjusts simulations and writes analytics architecture as instructors begin to edit their VR content and collect data. Smart Create can help create dynamic environments without requiring instructors to dictate every environment variable; for example, an instructor can add a virtual person/operator into the environment and Smart Create will automatically add software to make the virtual person interact with the trainee without additional instructor input. Codex Simulator enables end-users to run their content from low cost, portable, commercial off-the-shelf VR headsets. Codex Simulator can also ingest a plethora of additional tracking data, enabling integrations with additional hardware such as VR treadmills and 3D printed physical equipment tracked into VR. Finally, Codex Analytics empowers instructors to view performance data and live stream active trainee VR training sessions. In an average of 5 minutes, Codex can enable an end user to create and execute a new training simulation that fully immerses trainees visually and physically and provides performance analytics. In addition to Smart Create, Codex is also highly modular and outputs non-proprietary data, meaning it can both communicate with LMSs like Dynepic’s MOTAR and can integrate with other 3rd party hardware and software easily, such as VR gloves and treadmills. Simulations made from Codex are standalone, non-proprietary executables, allowing them to run on machines or Content Management Software without Codex Editor or Analytics. Codex is an industry leading VR capability that is making training more hands-on, realistic, and affordable than other simulators employed across similar industries. It offers a significantly higher degree of customization to help Airmen prepare for a complex operating environment that is flexible to a diverse range of use cases while allowing both a unified platform and communication with external APIs to grow a training portfolio. Codex is currently being used in the field in both the commercial and government sector with over 1,000 active students/users annually, and has been shown to produce an 83% performance jump, accelerate training timelines, and increase hands-on training by an additional 495 hours per school house.